Q:  How do I know if my dryer vent needs to be cleaned?

A:  Increased drying times (60 or more minutes per load) accompanied with a dryer that may produce more heat than usual. The increased heat can mean that the heat in the dryer is not escaping properly though the vent and is creating a back flow which returns the escaping heat back to the dryer. If left unattended the heat returning to the dryer could overheat any lint in the dryer, dryer hose or vent and result in a fire. At the very least, the returning heat can and will burn up the dryer's heating element causing the dryer to blow only cold air. Others scenarios include a normal running dryer (With good heat) that fails to dry your clothes in a timely manner. This usually indicates a progressive vent clogging that is not fully clogged up. Within a month or so, it will be totally clogged, if left unattended. If it has been over 2 or 3 years since your dryer vent has been cleaned or you are uncertain the last time it was cleaned, we recommend you make an appointment to have it cleaned as soon as possible.

Q:  How often should I get my dryer vent cleaned?

A:   For a family of 4, we recommend every year. For a family of 2, we recommend every 2 years. If pets are in the home regardless of family size, then we recommend every year as pet hair increases the chance of a dryer vent clog.

Q:   Do you re-vent, repair or replace dryer venting (In the attic, under the home, etc.) 

A:   We no longer re-vent, replace or repair damaged or disconnected dryer venting. Keep Kleen is now strictly a dryer vent cleaning service. Should Keep Kleen discover that your dryer vent is damaged beyond cleaning, we will advise you to contact a mechanical company for repairs.

Q:  How long does a dryer vent cleaning usually take to perform?

A:   It can take any where from 30 to 90 minutes to properly clean or brush a dryer vent depending on the location and access to the dryer vent.  However, please keep in mind that you may have more problems with your venting system than you are aware of. We will not know that until we arrive. So we strongly suggest that you do not make appointments AFTER our scheduled appointment with you, that same day. Many times we will find problems that can take up to 2 hours or more to complete. If we are rushed out because you have an appointment AFTER ours, we will simply drop everything, and leave, subsequently considering your dryer venting system as "unsafe" until we make another appointment with you.

Q:   I have a bird nest in my vent visible from the exterior of my home. What do you charge to remove it?

A:    We cannot be certain that the vent is unclogged if we simply remove the bird nest. The vent will have to be completely cleaned out in order to be sure.

Q:   My vent is 60 feet long. It extends into the second floor and goes through the home exiting out of the back of the house. Can you clean that?

A:    We are capable of cleaning dryer vents up to 100 feet in length. So, yes.

Q:  I have seen those dryer vent rods in Home Depot and Lowes. Can I use those to clean my dryer vent?

A:   It just depends on the length of the vent. If your vent is 3 to 5 feet, maybe. But be warned. Those Home Depot/Lowes rods are extremely thin and screw together. Cleaning your vent with them can and has caused those rods to  unscrew or snap and become disconnected inside of the vent. You then have a clogged vent with Home Depot rods inside. Removing them can only be described as nightmarish. In addition, those rods will only extend or clean 8 to perhaps 10 feet, safely. So, be careful if you choose to clean your own dryer vents. If your dryer vent is short (12 inches/one or two feet, etc.) then Home Depot/Lowes Dryer Vent Rods will work fine.

Q:  I've lived in my home for 10 years. I've never had a problem before. Why should I have my dryer vent cleaned now?

A:   Because your good fortune may soon run out. There were over 15 thousand house fires in 2015, 400 injuries and 99 million dollars in damage to residential homes as a result of clothes dryer fires. We recommend that you do not leave the dryer running while away from your residence or while you sleep until you have your vent cleaned.

Q:   My dryer vent is about a "12 inches" (1 Foot) long and vents through the wall  and outside directly behind the dryer. Do I need my vent cleaned?

A:    Yes. But most of the time you can do it yourself with a lint brush and/or a toilet brush. If you have a disability, are not physically able or just rather not clean it yourself, we will be more than happy to clean a dryer vent of that length, for you.

Q:   If you clean my dryer vent and find it to be disconnected under the house/in the walls, etc.., will you charge me for cleaning my entire dryer vent?

A.   If we find that your vent pipe is disconnected/damaged, we will not charge you the $99.00 cleaning fee for a vent pipe that we are not 100% certain is clean. At that point, we will charge you a "Arrival/No service" fee of $30.00. This fee is to cover our manpower and time lost in the effort to only inform you of a disconnection/damage. In addition, we will advise you strongly not to use your dryer until repairs to your dryer vent system have been made. If  "repairs" are made (Example: installing a partial vent pipe at the disconnection or damaged area) then it will be necessary to have the vent re-cleaned. Upon returning to the property, a fee of  $99.00 will be required to re-clean the vent. If your vent pipe is completely "replaced", it will "not" be necessary to have your vent re-cleaned and Keep Kleen will maintain possession of the $30.00 Arrival/No Service fee.

Q:   Our dryer is on the second/third or basement floor. Can you clean our vent?

A:    99% of the time It doesn't matter where your dryer is or where it vents. We can clean it. (Exceptions are listed two questions down).

Q: Our clothes dryer vent line/pipe exits the residence beneath a Wood Deck. Why is there a concern with cleaning these particular vents?

A:  A clothes dryer vent should never be allowed to exhaust or deposit lint within an enclosed area such as in the case of a wood deck where dry leaves or debris are allowed to accumulate. A dryer vent fire will burn through all of the lint in the vent line, and all the way out of the vent line into the back or side yard. When the fire reaches the exit, it will spit, drip or fall into the leaves beneath your deck. Burning leaves and lint beneath your deck, combined with terrified neighbors screaming that "your deck in on fire", is not a recipe for a happy day. In many cases, we have also seen deck frames built so close to the dryer vent exit that the frame nearly blocked the exit vent and promoted vent clogging. Keep Kleen no longer cleans dryer vents that exit beneath wood decks; because we can not guarantee your vent will be clean and safe once we're done. If the deck is still there, the danger is still there, whether the vent is cleaned or not.

Q:  My clothes dryer is currently out of service OR there is not currently a clothes dryer at my residence (for whatever reason). Will you clean my dryer vent without a dryer present?

A:  Without a clothes dryer present, there is no way for Keep Kleen to evaluate the power of your dryer to blow air before or after your dryer vent has been cleaned. That evaluation is very important and without it, there is no way of knowing if every possible obstruction has been cleared from the vent line. If your dryer is out of service or perhaps you've moved and intend on buying a new clothes dryer, we recommend you first, either have your clothes dryer repaired or replaced with a new dryer before your dryer vent is cleaned.

Q:   My vent exits on a side roof with a pitch of 45 degrees. Can you clean my dryer vent?

A:    Yes. We can always clean a dryer vent. BUT. There are two scenarios where we are unable to replace the dryer vent's attached exterior exit vent cover (located on the outside of the building). One, when the vent exits on a side roof that has a pitch of 45 degrees. Two, when the exterior vent exit cover is on the side/or the roof of a 4th, and occasionally even a 3rd story apartment complex. Only a roofing contractor has the equipment to navigate 45 degree pitch - or access 4th story and 3rd story heights. We have a lot of equipment. But we are not in possession of a boom or bucket truck nor do we possess a ladder that exceeds 40 feet.

Q:    I have a gas dryer. What's the difference between cleaning gas and electric clothes dryers vent lines?

A:   What makes cleaning the dryer vent of a gas dryer different from an electric dryer, is that a gas clothes dryer has a gas line that leads to the dryer from beneath the residence. If that gas line is not long enough to allow the dryer to be pulled away from the wall, then it may be unlikely we will be able to properly clean the dryer vent. Each case will be different. This is not "usually" a problem but, we have seen this in the past. In that event, the gas line will have to be disconnected or shut off by a certified gas or appliance technician. Keep Kleen does "not" disconnect or manipulate gas lines.

Q:   We have Vinyl hose coming out the back of our dryer. What's the difference between Vinyl and metal foil or flex hose?

A:    Vinyl dryer vent hose can no longer be installed in new construction nor can it be replaced with Vinyl if a Vinyl hose is damaged. Vinyl is now a code violation and not up to industry standards. If you have existing Vinyl hose connected to the back of your dryer, we will have to replace it with a metal foil or flex hose if you wish to have your dryer vent cleaned by Keep Kleen. Vinyl hose can be tan or white in color and have the feel of thin plastic. (A picture of Vinyl vent hose can be seen on the picture section of this website.)

Q:    How about Birdcage covers or Exterior Vent Covers for our homes. Do you charge extra for that?

A:    Yes. The cleaning of your dryer vent will always be one flat fee. However, additional products that you request, such as birdcage covers or exterior vent covers, are sold separately.

Q:    I know that my entire venting system (Beneath my home/Attic) is solid Vinyl or foil hose and "not" the hard metal pipe that it should be. Will you attempt to clean it?

A:   Most of the time, "no". Each situation is different. For instance, if your dryer venting line is all foil, weak flex pipe or vinyl, our cleaning tools may do more harm than good. If the vent line is thin or poorly constructed, then we could literally destroy an older, out of code venting line especially in the case of old vinyl venting. We have however, made attempts and the end results have been 50/50. If it is a straight run, in other words, if the vent line runs directly from the dryer straight to the outside exit and there are no bends, then it is possible, but still risky. If you would like us to make an attempt, we will do so reluctantly and with waiver in hand, releasing us from liability and/or any damages. With that said, we would rather not and would strongly encourage you to contact a mechanical company and have your vent line, re-vented.

Q:    I am also concerned about dust or lint that may have formed inside my dryer where the dryer's electrical power supply is located. Will you remove the back panel of my dryer and vacuum or clean that area?

A:   Keep Kleen will "not" manipulate, disassemble, repair or make any modifications to your electric or gas clothes dryer. By doing so, it will make us liable for any direct or indirect damage to the internal mechanics of the machine. Keep Kleen is a "vent only" cleaning company. Keep Kleen "will" clean the entire dryer's "venting system" (Up to 100 Feet) from the dryer's lint trap inside and all the way to the exterior vent outside your property. If you are concerned about dust, cobwebs or spider webs around your power supply within the dryer itself, we recommend that you call a certified dryer or appliance technician to check your dryer's electrical power supply or blower motor. If you choose to remove the rear panel of any appliance yourself, we strongly advise you to unplug the appliance first.

Q. When cleaning the dryer vent, do you also clean inside the Dryer's lint trap located at the Dryer's door?

A. Yes, BUT. Cleaning the lint trap on your dryer is simply a courtesy that we perform. It is NOT a part of our service. Although, the lint trap is essentially the beginning of your venting system, it is NOT the actual venting system. It is a part of your dryer. We will always perform that courtesy, yet depending on how much lint has accumulated in the lint trap, it may not always be possible to clear it all if it has been years, or never, since your dryer lint trap  was cleared. We are referring to the area beneath your lint filter, NOT the lint filter itself. If your lint trap has been neglected, it is possible that clearing the trap could create a partial blockage that only a certified appliance technician can remove.

Q:  For various reasons, we are required to have a receipt of dryer vent cleaning service.

A:  Keep Kleen provides a detailed and descriptive receipt of service upon completion of service. All receipts are printed site specific, on site.

Q:   It seems that every company we use, from the cable company to various service providers, tell us they will be at our home/business sometime between 8am and 5pm. We are forced to waste a whole day waiting. How do you schedule appointments?

A:    At Keep Kleen, we schedule appointments by setting a specific time and ensuring you that we will be there between the time agreed upon and up to one hour later. We currently have a 97% average of arriving right on time but allow for an hour after for any unforeseen events occurring on the service call previous to yours. In other words, if your appointment is at 1pm, we will inform you that we will be there between 1pm and 2 pm. We are liberal about spacing out appointments because we like to take our time with each customer to make certain we are not rushed and that the cleaning of your dryer vent is done right.

Q:    The last  Dryer vent cleaning company we used never even came into our home or  moved our dryer to clean our dryer vent. They cleaned our dryer vent from the outside, in. Was it cleaned correctly?

A:     No. Absolutely not. Beware of anyone who claims to have, or is observed only cleaning your dryer vent from outside. By only cleaning the vent from outside, a potential dryer related structure fire could possibly be promoted - not prevented. Pushing, brushing or blowing flammable lint towards or closer to a heat source like a clothes dryer, could quickly become a catastrophe when the clothes dryer is turned back on. Please do your research on reputable dryer vent cleaning service providers. There are numerous unlicensed "fly by night" individuals out there who will give you  "great deal" on cleaning your dryer vent - Unfortunately, most of them are concerned ONLY about your money and NOT about the safety of your home and family.

Q. Do you also clean heating and air venting systems OR chimneys?

A. No. We do not clean heating and air venting  systems or Chimneys

Q. Are you a member of,  or do you participate in "Angie's List", "Home Advisor", the "BBB", "Yelp", the Chamber of Commerce or any other ABC organization?

A. No. We do not, and are not members or participants of ANY organization that require fees or dues to join, or to maintain membership. If you see reviews about Keep Kleen ANYWHERE, they were not the result of our membership, or our requests and are not maintained or endorsed by Keep Kleen.

Q:    What is the longest dryer vent you've cleaned?

A:     74 feet.

Q:    What is considered a dangerous dryer vent or a dryer vent that poses the greatest risk of fire?

A:     (1.) A neglected or rarely cleaned dryer vent of any length. (2.) Any dryer vent with multiple bends or elbows.






At one time our family (Keep Kleen, LLC / Williamsburg Dryer Vent Cleaning) was essentially the only dryer vent cleaning company located in Williamsburg, Virginia. Business was always steady, but it was never reliable or consistent. It could be feast one month and famine the next. However, beginning in or around 2017, it seemed that anyone with a vacuum cleaner, a pair of gloves and a broom believed it was a great idea to get into the dryer vent cleaning business. Almost overnight, it went from 3 or 4 dryer vent cleaners in the Williamsburg/Yorktown area, to now over 14 that we know of serving in or around Williamsburg.

Keep Kleen, LLC / Williamsburg Dryer Vent Clleaning had remained at the price of $99.00 to clean dryer vents for over 18 years regardless of the state of the US economy. We kept it there for not only the financially fortunate, but those financially unfortunate, as well. In order to pay a crew and to maintain equipment and vehicles, we could do it for no less, even when other companies were much higher, we remained at $99.00. And truthfully, no dryer vent "only" cleaning company will survive long at rates lower than $99.00. Yet today, with so many unlicensed individuals & "fly by nights" entering into the business with dreams of grandure great fortune, they have now undercut the licensed professionals and rates have now dropped to as low as $50.00 for that same service - and now the saturating competition has outgrown the demand.

Keep Kleen has been considered by many to be the most thorough and comprehensive dryer vent cleaning service in the business. We put forth our best effort, we treated our customers fairly, honestly and we provided the best possible service we could provide. Yet despite all of our efforts, many of our customers went in search for a cheaper price in 2017 – and by February of 2018 our stats and our numbers began to fall. Faced with a balance sheet in decline and numbers that were in danger of dipping into the red, there was only decision to make - "To get out while the getting was good".

We wish to thank our loyal customers and those who believed in us – and we apologize to those we never had the opportunity to serve. We will leave up our frequently asked question (FAQ) page and hope you will use it when needed. It too will expire when the web page does, in March of 2019. Please be careful who you call to clean your dryer vent. Many of them want only for your money - and have neither your safety or your best interest in mind.

Mark Sanderson

Owner of Keep Kleen, LLC